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Radio Campaigns a better promotion, huge results

by Williams Rosian

21 August, 2022

An effective method of promotion regardless of the period, profile, company or allocated budgets: radio campaigns – a better promotion.

An advertising campaign is one of the best solutions when it comes to attracting new potential customers. Depending on the needs of each company, a radio ad proves to be one of the first solutions in terms of transmitting an advertising message. Radio Campaigns – a better promotion, huge results, visibility and scalable sales.

And for the creation and having on air radio commercials it is necessary to think of a well-defined campaign. The campaign can create notoriety for the company and strengthen its image. Also, it can make a product known or in the case of aggressive campaigns, help in the sale of a product or service offered.

Either we consider a creative commercial with memorable messages, or it is a classic spot through which the message transmitted integrates the campaign slogan, specifies who, what and how it does and also provides clues about what the listener should do and where more information can be found, the spot must be attractive.


Because the creation and dissemination of such an advertisement will have an important impact on the success and sales of the company. And a wrong spot, incomplete or without concrete messages will only generate budget and energy consumption.

Proper Marketing Agency designs and provides radio campaigns locally, regionally and nationally just to carry the message of each company to the right people, at the right time. The agency ensures that the profile of the proposed campaign corresponds to the needs of each and every client. From the idea to the implementation, the design of the radio campaign to the full production of the commercial and to the broadcasting in the advertising blocks of radio stations that are folded to a specific target audience.

Broadcasting of the campaign

Thus, advice is provided in the broadcasting of the campaign, and a range of premium female or male voice-over in Romanian, English or Hungarian. All of these are made available to customers, along with the time intervals for broadcasting, the duration of the commercial and the number of necessary spots.

The contractual relations we undertake with Kiss FM, Europa FM and Radio Transilvania allow us to broadcast the campaigns necessary for “complete marketing“.

Radio Campaigns – a better promotion, huge results guaranteed from an experienced team:

“Through the 15 years of experience in the media field, we want to share our professional experience with our clients and have the most efficient approach for each project addressed to us. “ – Proper Marketing Team